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I was having a few connection problems when I made the last post so I didn't include a photo of [profile] sanddancer3 holding Pika.

sanddancer + Pika
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Some notes about pre-trip events from a lull on the road.

This trip is part business and part pleasure - and some things that will be both...

Thursday 31-Jul  Fly from National to El  Paso via Dallas and Drive to Las Cruces

Friday 1-Aug  Meeting with some of the people I support.  We do a number of things in the area.  Some of them we even admit to.

Saturday & Sunday - Hang out with former DC native [profile] sanddancer3 and see local sights.

Monday 4-Aug  Drive back to El Paso really early in the morning to fly to Denver and meet with another group I support.

Tuesday 5-Aug  Visit HP at Ft Collins and see their new DreamColor Display and get briefed on their product roadmap for Displays, Laptops, Workstations, and Clients.

Wednesday - Sunday  Worldcon in Denver

Monday 11-Aug Fly back to National arriving about 1PM Local so I might make dance class.

This trip was somewhat in doubt at one point because my Office Chief suddenly decided to go to a Conference and my trip was one of the bill payers.  He actually managed to drive our Office's travel budget negative.  Now when buying equipment and software $2K is a rounding error.  However trying to get an extra $2K for travel is difficult.  Go figure.  Gotta love the Government.   However when I told my customers late last week that the trip might have to be called off unless I could get some travel money out of the budget people, both of them offered to pay half with no prodding.  That was quite gratifying.

Work was quite stressful lately as the usual big pots of money to be spent on equipment and software of course showed up late.  This is a normal part of my job this time of year.  I was  mostly taking the extra hours as comp time rather than overtime this year as two major trips in the first quarter had drained my leave a bit.

The day before I went in got what we could in the system.  Wrote documents that only I could write for my assistant to work the following day.  I left room for a lunch visit with recalcitranttoy, who unfortunately couldn't make it in to DC that day.  I then left for a chiro appointment after finding out that a family dinner was happening at my sister's place instead of home and was earlier than expected so I had pizza at Facia Luna, and then realized that there were a couple of things that would not happen if I didn't go back to the office that night and get the funds locked down so I could spend them on a Credit Card when I got back...
I finally got home around 10:30.  Not having the energy to plan my wardrobe in detail I just sort of counted out 18 outfits for 12 days and poured them in the suitcases.  Then I weighed and rebalanced them and once again my dress shoes ended up in the backpack.  I got everything ready except my vitamin packs which I left for the morning and went to bed.

More to follow...
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This has got to be the least planned trip I have taken in years.  Possibly even less than the decision to go to Dublin for a week in the fall of 2002, just because I could, had leave and overtime dollars to burn, and enjoyed the place when I had passed through during Easter.

That time my friend Lynn Anne Moorse, who lived in Dublin at the time, took it upon herself to find me things to do during the day...  

At this point I will be figuring out what to do with 12 hours in Amsterdam on the flight there.
As I was in Vienna last year, that isn't as big a deal, I have a mental list of things that I didn't do last time, and the Austrians are nice people.
What I will do in Budapest is something I will probably be figuring out while I am in Vienna...

Of course I haven't packed and have let myself be talked into going dancing tonight!

As [info]vvalkyri would say, "Whee!"



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