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2017-04-12 12:37 am

Happy Birthday to...

[personal profile] vvalkyri !!!

Because it seems traditional.  :-)
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2017-04-12 12:16 am

Transferring from LJ

In recent years LiveJournal has been the thing that I always said that I should do more with. After all I had sprung for a Permanent Account. Particularly as an archive of Trip Memories before the details fade away. However logging in today the last post was wishing @vvalkyri a Happy Birthday in 2014. So I really haven't done anything with it.

I don't know if Dreamwidth will be better.

I am melancholy from reading the bio I put up when I created the account in 2007 or so. I loved my job, I didn't have a laptop or make much use of a dumb cell phone, and I stated that my reason for not doing so was I didn't want them to be time sinks when I have better things to do. Well in the mean time I like my job a lot less, I have a laptop and an iPhone, and I spend way too much time vegging on the Internet when I really should have better things to do...
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2014-04-12 11:08 am

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] vvalkyri!!!
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2013-10-13 05:44 pm

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] dogpooh!
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2013-04-06 11:24 am

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] recalcitranttoy !!!
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2013-04-05 08:14 am

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] marawins !!!
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2013-01-14 05:15 am

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] leiacat !
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2011-10-10 04:26 pm

I have found the "If you have to ask..." Mall

I had a Living Social Deal for $200 in custom framing at a place called the "Art Gallery at the Washington Design Center"

The Washington Design Center is essentially an indoor mall of high-end home furnishings shops. 
It is at 300 D St SW in DC.   There is little parking in the area.   I sort of expected that the prices for a custom framing job would be such that I would only get one piece for the $200.  I was correct. 

The prices make the Shops of Georgetown look like a discount outlet.

I've been looking for a console table for the front entry that could have a shredder and a recycle bin under it.

$10,600 (+$610 shipping)

My entire custom build "Scotch Bar" was less than $8K.  Table Lamps for $2800, etc.

I'm just cheap in some ways.
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2011-04-28 12:02 am

The American Dream according to Weird Al...

Gonna buy me a Condo                                    [Check]
Gonna get me a Cuisinart                                [Cuisinart Cookware on Order - Check ]
Get the Wall to Wall Carpeting                         [Check]
Get a wallet full of Credit Cards                       [Check]

Gonna get me a T-Shirt with the alligator on [Does IZOD still make those?]

I draw the line at becoming an AMWAY Distributor...
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2011-02-09 08:59 am

(no subject)

I suppose I should try to get into the spirit of the season...

My Valentinr - beachc
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2011-02-09 08:55 am

Thanks to everyone...

Thanks to everyone who of to my week of Funeral Thing, Mortgage Thing, Funeral Thing, Mortgage Thing, Funeral Thing... and offered support.

Its great to have friends.
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2010-12-08 11:49 pm

Quote of the weekend

We need to find a responsible relative - someone who won't take him out to the bar.