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Cross Posting for [livejournal.com profile] wondermojz 
Hi there! 

I have signed up to run the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary 5K Run For The Animals coming up on May 23rd.  I have a pretty modest fundraising goal - just $300 - but I need your help to get there!

Just wanted to let you know it's not too late to make a donation - no donation too small - to the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary.  My site will accept donations through Friday evening, so you have about one more day.  I still have about $100 before I make my goal, so if you've been on the fence about whether your $5 or $10 would count, it absolutely would!  Please do help out if you can.  :-) 

Follow this link to my donation webpage to make your secure online donation right now.
It's a good cause.  I have donated.
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A global benefit for the reconstruction of Haiti.

Washington is one of the many PechaKucha cities that will be joining in on the “PechaKucha for Haiti” reconstruction efforts, and here’s a look at the poster created for the event, the first example of a city using the Studio Number One-designed logo. The event will take place at the Embassy of Austria on February 19, from 19:30, and it has been confirmed that one of the speakers will be the wife of the Ambassador of Haiti, Lola Poisson-Joseph — the Ambassador will be out of town on the evening of the event, and so could not participate himself.

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Well not very long after my last post the power went out.  Probably 9:30-10am ish.  Interesting how many things are dependent on electric power these days.  There was a time when our heating controls were not dependent on electric mains.  So no heat.  No internet of course.  We still had land line phone, and that is one reason I keep so many traditional corded phones around - they still work when the power cuts off.
Shoveling snow late... )

When I went in Dad made dinner by candlelight.  After that we went to bed as there wasn't much else to do.  Sometime in the night the lights came on.  From the alarm clock I would estimate about 10:50PM.  I didn't notice until about 11:30.  Didn't think to check the phone.  However when I awoke more fully 4 hours later the landline was back.

I suppose I should make a start of the things I intended to do yesterday, but didn't get to.
Unsure of my plans.  History would suggest that if the roads are plowed enough for the band to get there the Brogue Concert is on.  Don't know about the Mo Show later.   However to act on either I will need to finish Objective 3 above.  The lawn service is supposed to come by today to clear the sidewalks but I don't know how likely that is, so I will probably need to free my car myself.

I am surprised at how little soreness I feel from shoveling.  It will probably hit full force tomorrow...


Feb. 6th, 2010 08:11 am
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Getting to work and home... )
Judging from Dec 19th, as I am not as fortunate as [livejournal.com profile] vvalkyri  in living within walking distance of an underground Metro station, I am likely to be trapped here today.  So probably I should finsih my taxes, and do some laundry even though it is early.  Plus of course get my aerobic exercise [shoveling snow]  Am hoping the neighbor's son with the snow blower stops by like last time...
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Fontaine Cafe & Creperie
119 S Royal St
Alexandria VA 22314

If you are looking for a quick, low cost meal to grab on the run. This place is not for you.

On the other hand if you are looking for a place to have a lingering meal with company over good food, it might be a good choice.

Read more... )

All in all I plan to go back and reccomend it. (Though not for LUMSFS as their Hours of Enjoyment end at 10PM)
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I was looking ahead at what I was going to be doing on my Birthday weekend this year.
There appears to be a total train-wreck of things going on that weekend.

Friday the 18th
- Armed Forces Retirement Home Dance. (Flying Feet) (Likely  - I haven't seen Marc or Ellen announce it yet.)
[- Multiple Birthday Celebration after Dance? - we did the Old Ebbitt Gill last year.  Might happen again this year.]

Saturday the 19th
- Turkeymas
- Darryl Davis at Glen Echo (Flying Feet)
- Holiday Dance at the Conservatory

Sunday the 20th
- My Birthday (which I may celebrate by sleeping in)

This sort of thing is why I don't do a Holiday Party of my own anymore. (The effort largely having been eaten by the Capclave Parties)
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It is disturbing that I am this sore after a mere day of wandering around Artomatic.

OK - Saturday I carried 4 CRT monitors and some other computer equipment up from [livejournal.com profile] recalcitranttoy 's basement. (Fortunately I didn't have to carry the SAR Flags and Bases up from GW's Tomb to the parking lot up a hill and across the estate this year.)

Sunday I ended up doing floors 9 down to 4 of Artomatic, with a break of walking up to 8th St with [livejournal.com profile] vvalkyri  for dinner and back.

This morning my ankles were sore.  After my meeting in Bethesda I went back to 8th St and had lunch at the relatively new Molly Malone's and as I got up the Delayed Muscle Soreness hit my quads big time.

I thought I was doing enough walking to and from our remote parking lot that this wouldn't happen.

I need to swim/bike ride more or I am going to be a wreck after a few days in Montreal....

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Happy Birthday to

[profile] tazira !!!

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We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. I say after eight years of this administration, we have just as much unemployment as when we started... And an enormous debt to boot!

Henry Morgenthau Jr.,
Treasury secretary to then-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
May 1939 before the House Ways and Means Committee.

Despite being a chief architect of the New Deal, Morgenthau came to the House to repent... six years after the New Deal's inception, the unemployment rate had climbed back to 20%. The New Deal failed.

From the Heritage Foundation:

However the Government can be counted on to do everything in their power to prevent what needs to be done in the long run to fix the country.  This is not your run of the mill inventory driven recession.  This is a balance sheet depression.  People (and the Government) need to correct their balance sheets rebuilding a pool of savings, housing values need to come down to a normal ratio to other goods (either the average housing price needs to be cut in half or other goods need to double in price), and the Government needs to deal with the Unfunded Entitlement Problem that will make our current problems look like pocket change.

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The six Sundays before St. Patrick's Day there is a dinner concert series at The Old Brogue in Great Falls.  There are four left in the current series and where they used to sell out three sittings they seem to be a bit light this year so I'm spreading the word...

These concerts bring in excellent talent in the Celtic Music Scene.

They have three seatings each night at 4PM, 6PM and 8PM.

Info at the Barnaby Productions Website

Of the remaining groups I highly recommend Beth Patterson (this week), Al Pettaway & Amy White (next week), and IONA (the organizers) on week 5.  I am certain the last group is also good, but I haven't heard them before.  I have tickets for the 8PM seating for each week except the last which I reserved for 4PM so I could go to Dance Night afterwards.

If you like what Americans think of as Irish Food, the food is good too...

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For those of you with an Irish ancestry, or wish you had an Irish ancestry -

Moneygall is a small village in County Offaly , Ireland . It has a population of approximately 300 people, has a Roman Catholic Church , five shops, a post office, a national school, a police station and two pubs.

President-elect of the United States Barack Obama 's great-great-great grandfather, Falmouth Kearney, emigrated from Moneygall to New York City at t he age of 19 in 1850 and eventually resettle d in Tipton County , Indiana . Kearney 's father had been the village shoemaker, then a wealthy skilled trade.

And now for the SONG ... Crank up your speakers.

The Barack Obama Irish Song

In some ways this explains a lot.

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Happy Birthday to...

[livejournal.com profile] leiacat !!!

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I don't usually post these unless I am traveling, however it was a wonderful, if very, very, busy weekend, so having memory keys for future use is worth keeping...

Friday: Potluck, AFRH Dance... )
Saturday - My Birthday )

Sunday - Shipping and Cleaning... )

One of the best birthday weekends I have ever had!  Many thanks to everyone involved.

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This has to be one of the more non-sequiter pieces of spam that has gotten past the spam filter at work. 

As they had a link to the mesage as a web page I will spare you copying out the text...

I wonder what I did to get on their mailing list...
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